Freedom Run 2.0

A charity race to support freedom in Ukraine

At the time of Freedom Run 1.0 held in July 2022, we thought there would be no need for another such event as the war would be won shortly... But it drags on and so the support is as essential as it was last year if not more, given how used the world has become towards daily casualties, stories of victims and terrifying photos of bombarded cities. As before, Freedom Run 2.0 invites you to support the Ukrainian nation in its combat against tyranny. 100% of the funds will be targeted at humanitarian, medical and military needs. You are free to choose whichever cause you want to support

... With the support of the Embassy of Ukraine to the UK
Event Partners:

Sun August 06 2023


Battersea Park, London

Distance options
  • 1.5 km
  • 2.5 km Run or Walk
  • 5 km
  • 10 km
  • 21 km
Freedom Run 1.0 conducted in July 2022 at Hyde Park proved once again that your support does make a difference — GBP ~70k was raised and allocated to have direct and tangible impact.
Freedom Runners ran fast from 1.5km to 21km in our designed T-shirts to ultimately obtain Freedom Run gold, with Ukrainian beats in the background £69,463 raised for the causes: Medical 53%, Shelters 28%, Military 9%, Youth empowerment 8%, General 2%.

Freedom Run 2.0 aims to level up the scale of the 2022 event and gather those willing to run or simply support Ukraine in its X-day fight since the full-scale invasion. This time around our partner charities provide a greater optionality in terms of use of funds to resonate with what is closest to you & needed most in Ukraine now. To maximize impact, Freedom Run 2.0 is open to individual runners, runners willing to fundraise, teams and volunteers.

Fundraising Causes ...

We are fundraising for specific and defined needs of charities who have tangible effect on saving lives now or empowering those affected, while ensuring no bureaucratic hurdles at any stage. We strive to make sure your $ goes to the right cause with no delay.

Razom Foundation

With the raised funds, Razom will provide water to those affected by the Kakhovka Dam destruction or support individuals who had traumatic experience, or support a kids center in an affected area, or provide food essentials in the warzone.

What precisely Razom will do with your donation

Dignitas Fund (Kyiv School of Economics umbrella)

Help Dignitas raise for crucial battlefield essentials such as drone Mavic 3 (eyes, swift supply delivery, evacuation for hard to reach areas), antennas (for safety of a drone operator) and mobile showers to provide basic hygiene to out defenders.

What precisely Dignitas will do with your donation

Ptashky Foundation

Tangible and precise cause. Purchasing a pickup vehicle for a unit of defenders - mortar platoon, mortar battery of the 4th BTG, brigade “Hurricane”.

What precisely Ptashky will do with your donation


10,000+ Ukrainians need complex operations or prosthetics now. The state cannot address all of the needs adequately. Superhumans Center is building a state-of-the-art medical center for war heroes and civilians in Lviv, Ukraine.

What precisely Superhumans will do with your donation


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