Event programme

Distribution of the start packages to the participants will be held next to the Bandstand at Hyde Park prior to the race. Runs for all distances will commence at the same time.

Please note there will be no distribution of start packages prior to the event. These will be distributed on the race day of 31st July.

31 July, 2022

07:00 – Opening of the Freedom Run at Hyde Park “Bandstand”, London, W2 2UH 07:00 – 12:30 – Luggage storage available 08:30 – Warm-up for adults 08:50 – Opening of the starting block for the courses Half-marathon 21.0975km, 10km, 5km 09:00 – Start Freedom Run Half-marathon 21.0975km, 10km, 5km 09:30 – Start 1.5km for kids 11:30-12:30 – Finish of the Freedom Run 13:00 – Closing of the Freedom Run

You need to come to the Bandstand at Hyde Park at least 1 hour before the race to have enough time to register, pick up your starting pack, leave your belongings in the storage, find your starting block and warm up.